Last year, during the main evacuation of the city, just after the outbreak started, Mains Castle was used as a quarantine check point before it too was overrun by the infected. Your mission then was to find the Zantidote which was terrifyingly difficult as you were met by hordes of the undead.

So, last year was hell. But we survived.

We held the Castle, we saved the Zantidote, we protected you, the survivors.

And yet…

We lost the research facility, we lost so many soldiers and we lost DUNDEE.

It was worse than hell.

It was MAYhem.

We are what remains, we are the Dundee Unit.

We hold the line between humanity and….them.

The MAYhem is over.

All that remains,

…is the Dead Zone.

  • 18:00 to 22:00.
  • During your visit to Dead Zone, you must complete a mission to collect items to survive. During this mission you will be directed and guided by a member of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team, run through hoards of zombies in and around the Dead Zone.
  • You will also need to traverse a number of zombie-infested mazes to survive the Dead Zone.
  • Zombie experience, chase and maze is only available between 18:00 to 22:00.
  • Dead Zone is an immersive live experience that will thrust you into your very own zombie horror movie.
  • Survivor waiting area where a bar will be available for those needing to boost their courage.
  • You will be met by a member of the Zombie Outbreak Response Team and scanned for the Z virus infection (checked in and tickets scanned).
  • Mains Castle will be decorated with horror movie props reflecting the Zombie apocalypse theme.
  • Photo Area will be set up with props for single and group photos which can be purchased on the night.
  • Themed drinks can be purchased from the bar while in the waiting area.
  • And much much more!



What are the times of the event?Castle Horrors Dead Zone zombie experience starts at 6pm and ends at 10pm. The experienceis only open from 6pm until 10pm, so don’t be late or you’ll miss the apocalypse altogether.

How long is the zombie experience?The Zombie apocalypse experience will last as long as it takes to complete your mission, but shouldn’t be much longer than 30 to 45 mins, filled with poop your pants moments.

Can I buy tickets at the door? The Simple Answer is no, Sorry, however if you are weary of buying tickets over the internet, there is the option to purchase from the Viperstrike Shop on Albert Street, Dundee.

What if I can’t print my e-ticket?If you are unable to print your e-ticket you will be able to gain entry buy showing your e-ticket on your mobile device. All individual tickets are scanned upon entry.

What happens when I buy a ticket via the Castle Horror website?When you purchase your ticket via the Castle Horror website you will be issued with an email confirmation at the time of booking with a link prompting you to download your e-ticket. Tickets will not be dispatched. Please have your e-ticket on your mobile device or printed for inspection upon arrival.

How old do I have to be to buy tickets?Recommended age is 18 plus. Castle Horrors Zombie MAYhem experience contains moments of shock and tension and many poop your pants moments. You must be over 18 to purchase alcohol in the waiting area.

Where is the location?The zombie outbreak command centre is located at Mains Castle, Mains Loan, Dundee DD4 9BX

Can I bring a weapon?We appreciate your willingness to assist us in the fight for survival against the apocalypse. But weapons are strictly prohibitedfor the safety of our scare actors. You may be searched and if found to be carrying a weapon will be immediately ejected from the experience.

Can I fight back?No. For the safety of our scare actors you must not hit or throw anything at the zombies. To survive the apocalypse we strongly advise you to keep moving and avoid contact with the undead at all costs. You may well be chased by hordes of zombies so If you get touched/bitten, you will be infected by the zombie. But you can carry on and don’t panic as your mission is to collect the Zantidote serum, which may save your life and cure you of the Z virus. That is of course if you complete your mission.

Can I take photos?The simple answer is, yes. We are happy for you to take as many pictures during and after the event. Plus you can take as many Zelfies as you like with our zombie hordes. There will also be a Photo Booth with props, zombies and a professional photographer, where you can purchase the pictures there and then.

Will I have to run at any time?We strongly advise that to survive the zombie apocalypse and keep each other safe that you do not run. If you do so it is at your own risk.

What do I wear?Dress appropriately for standing and walking and remember that in the apocalypse things can get messy. leave your best clothes and high heels at home. There will be blood. If you have already been bitten and infected with the Z virus, then you may also dress up as the undead. The choice is yours.

Can I dress up as a zombie?If you have already been bitten and infected with the Z virus, then you may dress up as the undead. The choice is yours.

Can I leave my bag and coat somewhere?There is no cloak room. You are advised to bring as little as possible with you. You may need to carry/hold this throughout the experience.

Will there be food and drink?Yes. There will be a fully stocked bar in the waiting area.

What if I’m pregnant?You are carrying the next generation and the hope for human the race’s survival after the apocalypse. We ask that you do not attend the zombie experience if you are pregnant.

Do you have disability access?We are afraid that we do not have any disabled access due to the age of the castle.